At Rochford House we currently have spaces for 16 children with 2 permanent facilitators, Chris and Nyree. In addition to this we love to have volunteers as part of our community. Volunteer places are offered on a termly basis and can be extended by agreement. Here are some of the reasons why we like to have a volunteer at Rochford House and why volunteers like to be with us:

Reasons why we love to have a volunteer:

  • Having another adult with different skills, experience and interests to Chris and Nyree, enriches and enhances our community and our time together.

  • Three plus adults in the space increases our flexibility during the day, in regards to using the inside and outside space and also creates a more relaxed and supportive environment for facilitators and children alike.

  • Having fresh faces at Rochford House helps keep our practice on track and requires us to continually revisit and reconnect to our ethos and principles.

  • The more people that get to experience self-directed, passion-driven learning communities like ours, the better! We love to share our culture!

Why volunteers like to be part of Rochford House:

  • Rochford House is a unique setting in our area. There are no other local settings pioneering this type of environment, and volunteering with us is a special opportunity to experience it first-hand.

  • Volunteers can attend Rochford House events for free - these can include information events on our educational philosophy, as well as other types of sessions and workshops that relate to personal development and the movement around humanising education and the childhood experience.

  • Volunteers with children who are of the age of independence are able to attend Rochford House with one child without additional cost - this may particularly suit a parent volunteer who has a child with a waiting list place, who would like to support a gentle transition in to the community for their child.

  • By sharing your time and energy with us you are actively supporting the movement towards children’s rights based education and a more consent based world. This is great activism for change, and normalising this approach to living and learning.

  • Spending time with us supports the volunteer's own de-schooling process and personal development. It also provides opportunities to engage in their own consent-based, self-directed education.

We are currently looking for potential volunteers for 2022.  If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us to receive an application form.  Successful applicants will then participate in an induction session, before starting their time with us.