This 3D animated short film titled 'Alike' shows us what can happen when creativity is stifled instead of embraced.  It is sad that the child in the film represents not all, but a large percentage of children today.  They leave the fun and comfortable environment of home as alive and happy, motivated tiny little beings interested in anything and everything but sadly soon become tired, quiet, uninspired, grumpy and unhappy little people.

The film follows Copi and his son, Paste, who he is trying his best to raise on the right path.  They live, like us, in a place where all parents are conditioned to follow the system.  They send their children off to school to follow the school curriculum of what is thought to be the norm and so the correct's so depressing that save for greys browns and blacks there are few colours to be seen.

Copy spends his days at work filing paperwork like everyone else at his company, whilst Paste is asked to write the alphabet over and over at school.  Paste's childlike creativity inspires him to draw on the alphabet pages or design his own playful fonts instead.  In his mundane society, Paste's creativity is met with disappointment.  That is until his father realises there may be a better way.


Opportunities to 'be' in the moment are valued highly here - whether that be mindfulness and quiet contemplation, sitting in a little phonics or maths class that is entirely opt-in, being in the flow of creative pursuits or getting lost in the thrill of play.

We strive for personal integrity.  Everyone is on a first name basis and children thrive in the understanding that they are valued for who they are.

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