Outdoor Class
At Rochford House we are inspired by principles of self-direction, democratic education and  children's rights.  Because of our small size and flexible approach, we are able to vary the daily options with workshops, walks, presentations and the children's initiatives, As a result, each child's experience of the day may be different, depending on their individual needs and interests and how they choose to use their time.

Here is a typical structure for a child's day - this will evolve over time in response to the needs, views and interests of the group. 

10am: arrive, settle in and opening circle. 

Morning: opportunity to participate in an Offering* (a little like a class except they are entirely opt-in), plus free access to the Rochford House resources and outside area.

11:45 - 12:45pm: Lunch (a packed lunch brought in from home).  Small healthy snacks and drinks will also be available throughout the day.

Afternoon: opportunity to participate in a different Offering, plus free access to the Rochford House resources and outside area. 

2.30-2.45: Clearing up time

2.45-3pm: Closing and gratitude circle and collection. 

*The Offerings will be a combination of literacy, phonics, maths and science based classes introduced in fun and playful ways.  We will also have offerings in topics such as history, art, craft, cooking, construction, projects and explorations.  
Throughout the day the children can, if they want, choose to be entirely independent in what they do and not participate in the Offerings - they design their own day. Rochford House will be set up and resourced with the following which can be freely accessed:

1) The Library: with a giant squashy corner sofa, comfy blankets, plenty of books to read and computers to use.
2) Role Play Area: set up with a rail full of dressing up outfits and props for those drama queens (and kings!)
3) Maker Space: a project space with writing, art and craft equipment.
4) Games Area: puzzles, board and card games galore.
5) Building Zone: lego and other building kits to turn ideas into reality.
6) Discussion Circle: a place to share ideas and experiences. 
7) Show and Tell Table: bring something in from home that you would like to share!
8) The Garden Box: filled with equipment that you might want to use in the outside play area.
9) Cooking and Gardening: We will be equipped for cooking and growing.

10) Gadget Area - drones, trains and model airplanes....
11) The Juice Corner - We will be introducing children to the benefits of juicing fresh vegetables and fruits for a healthy lifestyle.

We are also in a beautiful location to go out and get plenty of fresh air!

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